Map Studio (Mac)

Geographical Information Systems.
In 2012 Nick began work on a historical GIS (geographical information system) project for the University of Bristol, working with the management team of the Quantock Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. He continues to develope his GIS skills with ArcGIS, QGIS and MapInfo.
July 2014
As part of our responsibility to the environment, The MapWorks are including an environmentally friendly paper in their map suitability range, Envirocote.
A unique matt-coated recycled paper range which pioneered the acceptance of recycled papers as being suitable for four colour process work. Consequently Envirocote has been adopted by many environmental organizations as their 'house' recycled paper; indeed after research by the Department of the Environment, the summary of the Government White Paper on the Environment (1990) was printed on Envirocote. This paper displays qualities of good opacity, bulk and rub resistance and is suitable for general orienteering map printing. An important aspect of its manufacture, apart from being made from true recycled fibre, is the use of environmentally friendly non-chlorine bleaches in the de-inking process.
Computer to Plate.
New technology to process your map file directly from computer file to printers plate. Currently we are only able to offer this service on A2 print runs.
Mar. 99
MapStudio 3 for Adobe Illustrator 8+ (Mac) is currently under development. The software will have significant changes and will make heavy use of the new features that Illustrator 8 offers. As it looks now, there will be no plug-ins anymore, but simply a set of symbols, lines and patterns that will appear in the standard Illustrator palettes. Please note that MapStudio 2.1 also works with Illustrator 8, but does not make use of the new features.
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Apr. 99
An Introduction to The MapWorks
The MapWorks was founded in 1993 by fellow club members, Nick Nourse and Steve Killingbeck then of North Gloucester Orienteering Club, to provide a competitive service to the orienteering and leisure market, executed to the highest standards. This service continues to grow and expand while maintaining those initial standards of quality and service so important to our customers.

Nick Nourse brought his surveying skills from club mapping days to provide the principal leg work to The MapWorks projects; that combined with a technical and artistic background has helped enable The MapWorks to attain a number of orienteering mapping awards based partly on his expertise with the map drawing software, OCAD.

Steve Killingbeck, was also an experienced club mapper from East Anglia, who brought his own expertise in the printing and reprographics trade to The MapWorks. Steve also won awards in orienteering mapping for his work in the more traditional cartographic method of scribing.

However, as computer technology, not just with the now widespread use of OCAD but on various computer platforms and in varying computer formats has progressed into the mapping world, The MapWorks has kept pace with this technological progress to ensure that whatever format the customers choses, there will always be an option for their cartographic and printing needs.
Jan. 1999